How We Work

We acquire US Houses from banks and make them available to investors far below current market prices. Then we find families to fix up, live in and take care of the homes for less than the cost of rent while paying a high return to investors. Equity and Help Inc is dedicated to providing outstanding value to real estate investors and home buyers alike. Using our connections and expertise, we are helping investors achieve their financial goals while making a real difference in people’s lives.

Every month we get lists of 1000’s of REO’s and foreclosed properties from private banks and other private vendors.

We do hours of due diligence and inspections to make sure we’re buying only the diamonds in the rough.

We sell these homes to Investors at 40% to 60% of ARV (After Repair Value)

For the included price, we do a small Pre-Hab of the home to get it ready for the market

We find and screen potential buyers and sell the property on owner financing to families.

Our investors make a double digit return for 20 years while we do all the hard work.

The families live in their own home for less then rent and can increase the standard of living for their families and communities.

Meet Our Team

This is Our Staff

Ivan Anz, Founder
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Jaime Gomez
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Angelica Gomez
Establishment Officer
Austin Kerr
SVP Admin
Charlotte Walet
VP EasyHomes
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Frank Vedder
Director of Personnel Enhancement
Tony Rosa
Real Estate Philanthroinvestor® Service Consultant
AnneMarie Salling
Director of Trust Operations
Henry Reinberg
VP of Trust Ops and Delivery
Joan Olson
Director of Home Acquisitions
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Rebecca Carter
Human Resources Coordinator
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Berger Corvaia
VP of Sales & Marketing
Caden Hjelseth
Information Technologies Manager
Spencer Waters
Director of Efficiency
Patrick Forney
Director of Collections
Aspen Neumann
Director of EasyHomes Marketing
Noah Helland
Director of Marketing
Jeanine Allington
Division Four Expeditor
Lewis Plancon Elijah
EasyHomes Collections Manager
Kali Post
Director of Personnel
Photo of Equity & Help Team Member
Maria Nelly Vargas
Director of Disbursements
John Mooresmith
Chris Little
Acquisitions Manager
Elijah (3)
Elijah Broaddus
Property Preservations Manager
Brooke Anderson
VP of Treasury
Juliana Gonzalez
VP of Quality Control
Akili Curwen (2)
Akili Curwen
Collections Administrator