Are Your Investments Based On False Equity?

Crashing Graph

The Investments on false equities include the stock market, cryptocurrencies, Forex, high-end houses etc.

False equities also include the so-called ‘shiny objects’ that are things valued based on society’s perception instead of the real value they provide.

Such equities never last and during unstable times, they are the first to crash.
The world right now is struck by the novel COVID-19, and all that people are looking for are basic needs, such as affordable houses in the real America.

HouseEquity & Help work only with houses that have only their real value, real equity, homes that provide the basic needs for the public.

We are looking for investors who want Real Value, who want to Grow Their Capital While Helping Others™.

Our investors, whom we call Real Estate PhilanthroInvestors, invest with the goal of aiding others while also making money, like a bank.

The communities that we help are hardworking individuals looking to buy a house based on the needs it will provide them. They are not looking to have extra luxury. Within these communities, there are hardworking people who just want a good and stable house for their family. And are willing to upgrade their homes by taking pride in the upkeep.

We provide normal and low-end homes that are meant to improve communities while making you, the investor, a hands-free 8%-12% profit.

No false perceived value and no false equity. Just a clean, clear investment with reasonably priced real estate, meant to bring you clear results.

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