Covid Response to Real Estate

Restaurants, trips to the grocery store, and even visits with our loved ones and friends tend to look a little different now…

One extreme example is to take a look at the housing and homelessness crisis, something that is changing in not such a positive way during this pandemic.10,345 Ohioans are experiencing homelessness, and the numbers are accruing due to the Coronavirus. Hard-working families, including but not limited to essential workers like nurses, construction workers, and handy-men, are being directly affected as a result.

According to Zillow, a tool we commonly use to find and purchase homes, there are 44,411 open and available homes for sale in Ohio alone. Quite a disparity!

Here at Equity & Help, we are working hard to eliminate such disparities in numbers. We know you care about your community as much as we do, so we’d like to thank our Philanthroinvestors for their continued support through the pandemic.
We are still growing amid this, and going strong!
As you can see from the graph, the total number of family households experiencing homelessness accounts for a small number, and Equity & Help plays a huge part in bridging the gap by taking preventative measures against this. Our mission is to help families (diligent, hard-working, and indefatigable like our essential workers) in need to find a home where they couldn’t otherwise.

We have filled 45 homes in Ohio alone, all thanks to our Philanthroinvestors. This is not an insignificant figure! Their help and support are part of what closes the gap of homelessness among these hard-working families, not only in Ohio but across the US.

We look forward to working with our Philanthroinvestors more! Remember, these investments are directly helping an industrious family in need… something that Philanthroinvestors value is the same thing as our namesake: to help!

“It’s making money like a bank while making a great difference in people’s lives and neighborhoods.”

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