E&H Year in Review//Resolutions for the New Year

Year’s end is neither an end nor a beginning but a going on, with all the wisdom that experience can instill in us.”― Hal Borland

Another year in the books- 2020.  With the close of a year, one usually ponders on their own accomplishments which then determines the resolutions for the upcoming year. Some may have met the goals with a full-stop by the year’s end and will create new trajectories, while some, like in the quote above, will use the tools they acquired from the year (or years) previous to continue on with a larger endgame in mind.

The image from https://advisors.vanguard.com describes the far-reaching impact that the Coronavirus has on the economy as well as society. So many facets of our lives have been affected in negative ways- until immunization is achieved, people are still under the thumb of the virus and this new-normal. Until then, little is being done to separate American people from falling into serious debt.

Shown in the graph above, the finance section is one of two bubbles in the least-impacted category. While most companies in this section tend to keep the assets they have (and use it to grow profits even more), there is one company that has separated themselves from the rest.

Ivan Anz, our founder at Equity & Help Inc., has a purpose line that extends well beyond a single year, but goes well into the future.

Ivan Anz’s vision of a philanthropic organization that would help the betterment of society came to fruition in the form of real estate- he had founded Equity & Help Inc. with the intention that hard-working people should have a home of their own (click here to see the full article on Investing With Purpose and read on to learn Ivan’s plans to change the world for the better). With a solid several years-long background in the business of helping people, E&H felt prepared for the challenges that 2020 would bring.

During this year, Equity & Help gave American people that chance to live in comfort while the wheels of uncertainty turned due to the Coronavirus. Below are our stats that reflect how we’ve been able to help our investors- stay tuned for an article about how we have helped our families.

With every obstacle thrown in the path of everyone, 2020 was not a year marked by achievement. It was a year marked by triumph through adversity.  

Every goal, no matter how small, was a victory. By overcoming a year like last year, we at E&H are even better prepared for the challenges that could lay ahead- and if we are lucky enough to encounter a  year with minimal obstacles, the victories we earn will be that much sweeter.

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