Equity & Help Stories: Daniel and Jane

After our exploration of the extremes between two success stories, our series ends here. We briefly explained the personal and economic situations of each family as we tirelessly searched to support them with government aid programs and other resources. We’ve seen Mike and Susan’s victory as they were able to catch up on their payments despite fighting cancer. In contrast, there was the tragic outcome of Katherine who had to face eviction, even though we had provided guidance to receive state aid.

Though very different cases, both illustrate the protection of the Philanthroinvestor’s investment and the return of their capital. Without this protection of capital, there wouldn’t be homes available for these families. They would never have the opportunity to invest in themselves and to experience financial freedom. To conclude our current series, we’d like to delve into the assistance we offer our EasyHomes families and end with the greatest success story for everyone involved.

Our program exists at Equity & Help because more than half of Americans can’t get a credit score that will allow them to apply for a traditional mortgage or bank loan. From the end of 2017 to the middle of 2019, two families applied for a home in Indiana from one of our Philanthroinvestors. Eventually both families were unable to continue paying their monthly mortgage and were evicted.

However, the PI made a return of $9,317 on his initial investment and continued to own his property. This cycle could be repeated by providing profits for the PI and fully exercising the investment mentality. Even though the goal of having a home for the right family was not yet met, we knew it was just a matter of time for them to find out about us.

Finally at the end of 2019, “Daniel and Jane” applied for this house. A young married couple with three children, Daniel works in construction and Jane is a waitress. Shortly after qualifying, they paid their initial $2,000, plus the first installment, when COVID hit. We can all remember the effect this had on the economy.

Not only did they receive financial aid from the state and stayed on track with every monthly payment, but by February 2022, they noticed something else had happened. It was an improvement in their credit record! But how? It’s simple. We report every single payment made by our families to the credit bureaus: (FICO, Equifax and TransUnion).

With this improvement in their credit score, Daniel and Jane then decided to refinance with a bank. They were able to obtain a new loan at a much lower interest rate and paid the remaining amount to our Philanthroinvestor. The PI received their investment plus a return over a period of almost four years which had originally been structured for twenty. In addition to that, the PI also netted $11,000!

Fulfilling their American dream, this couple will do the repairs needed to increase the home’s value while improving their neighborhood. This is the success story our Philanthroinvestors strive for: growing their capital while helping families own their home.

(The names of our family in Indiana have been changed to respect their privacy)

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