Equity & Help Stories: Mike and Susan

Now in our last newsletter, we addressed the topic of helping families not only with financing their dream of owning their own home, but also by guiding them to find government programs and advising them with payment plans to catch up when things aren’t going well.

That not only results in the fulfillment of their contracts, but also in financial maneuverability for those day-to-day expenses and contingencies we all face. Providing aid to our families is also about reinforcing our Philanthroinvestors’ trust and belief that helping others is the best investment.

Earlier we gave only a small summary of what all this means, but now we would like to delve into the details and share with you one of the many stories of our families.

“Mike” and “Susan” are a couple in Indiana who applied for our program in February 2021. Living with them is “Lily” who is Mike’s daughter from a previous marriage.

This family was approved in our selection process after interviewing many others interested in the property, as they proved to be the best qualified and most responsible prospects. Month after month they continued to demonstrate this by being up to date with their payments until July of the same year.

That was when all communication ceased and they began to fall behind in their monthly payments. Our Collections and Evictions Department tried to contact them by all possible means, week after week, to prevent their payments from being delayed and eventually being evicted. Evictions will occur after three continuous months when no payment has been made.

Finally, the eviction process had to be initiated when the fourth month without payment was added to their debt.

Eventually, Mike was able to get in touch with us and we explained what was happening. We learned what had been going on in their lives. Susan was battling cancer. She had been through several surgeries, suffering some infections, but now she was doing much better. During all that time, Mike’s phone had been broken and the burden of all the medical expenses didn’t allow him to cover other needs, including replacing it.

Mike was working on getting government aid, and although it should be coming soon, he had yet to receive it. Meanwhile, he had some money in another state that he could recover and use to pay off his debts, but he had no idea how to do it online (which is common with many families who apply for our program as they tend not to be very tech-savvy).

Mike shared more details of his personal life, such as the fact that he lost his first wife when she was 32 years old. There had been a series of difficulties that he went through with his daughter and we immediately understood where his priorities and concerns were.

Along with the obstacles, we also saw the family’s willingness to comply and to keep their situation afloat. We communicated all this to the PhilanthroInvestor who owns this property and got their approval before reversing the eviction process. Using constant and close communication, our Collections and Evictions Department focused on providing all the necessary help and guidance to Mike so that he could organize and schedule his payments effectively.

By April 2022, Mike managed to catch up on his payments, leaving only a much lower amount still to be paid. But we are sure it will not be a problem since we not only assisted him in speeding up the process to obtain government aid but now our mutual communication has been reinforced and is constant.

Mike will continue to fulfill his contract and together with him, his wife and step-daughter will fulfill the American dream of having their own home. Susan will win her fight against cancer and Lily will grow up happy with two responsible and caring parents at home.

This is but one of many real-life stories of our families that our investors help through our program. Although there can be setbacks or delays in some payments due to situations like the one in this story, at Equity & Help we make it possible to continue impacting these families’ lives in a positive way while our PhilanthroInvestors keep receiving returns between 8 and 12%.

(The names of our family in Indiana have been changed to respect their privacy)

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