Equity & Help Stories: Our System Works!

Sharing the many success stories of our deserving families is one of our favorite parts of the job. Today we are proud to provide a more straight-forward example. While this is one that is often the case, it’s not always highlighted on our blog due to the various hurdles these families go through in the home-buying process. This involves a father, we’ll call “James,” and his daughter, “Susie,” in a rural part of Pennsylvania.  

Susie has several children and has been struggling to find a house with her father for over a year. In the beginning of our relationship with them, they were frustrated because many homes were out of their price range, or it would take some time for the next potential property to appear. They were quick to respond and wonderful to work with in the application process. They were soon approved with James’ home repair experience and their family’s income.  

Once we found a home together, it initially needed to pass inspection. A gas leak was found, but the father used his skills to locate and repair the issue. This is a perfect example of the type of families we often help. He repaired the leak in one day and it passed the next inspection. He also relocated the plumbing to allow Susie to set up a washer and dryer. Finally, the electrical passed inspection and they quickly moved into their new livable home! 

To this day, they are very pleased with their living situation and are consistently making improvements to the home. Not every situation is the same, but we are always here to help our families invest in their future while building equity with their new homes. All the while our PhilanthroInvestors™ Grow Their Capital While Helping Others™. Our PIs feel good about how their money is actively helping others, NOT just sitting somewhere in a bank.  

(The names of our family in Pennsylvania have been changed to respect their privacy)

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