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Our story begins with a family that didn’t fulfill what was proposed for the project with this house, plus a series of difficulties that ended in eviction. Despite all the help we provided through the process, we remember that old saying that things happen for a reason.

In addition to the economic trials that the previous family of this home went through, the need for a new water well arose which they lacked the funds for and also the necessary experience to execute it. 

Remember when we are qualifying our families to buy a house, one of the essential requirements is that they have the skills to repair and improve the home. This is a vital factor for the success of the system. 

After searching for the next qualified family, the transition between families would be peaceful and responsible. They moved to another place that they could afford and we began the due process of preparing the house for the next family. Hoping the next family would be qualified for this commitment, we knew they could make it their own with each repair, payment, detail and drop of love until the end of the program.

And that’s when we met Bob!

Shortly after, the perfect chemistry existed between his family and our company. We knew he was the perfect candidate as Bob has previously remodeled homes, is a mechanic and has worked as a railroad conductor for over twenty years. He is looking forward to a big retirement. Additionally, he is the one who takes care of his elderly father since he already needs the assistance. 

In short, he is a great person!

Bob lived with his girlfriend for years in a place that was put up for sale, which made him look for options to move. That’s when he came across our PhilanthroInvestor’s house! He understood each step of the program, to the point that he plotted out his plans for this property. He knew what would need to be done down to the last detail and included this with his application.

They went to work not only changing the sink, but also remodeled the entire kitchen and have been a wonderful family ever since. They have been able to take advantage of the opportunity offered to them, as well as the potential of this house.

We want to share with you the work they did in the kitchen and hope to show you more in the future.




See you next week!

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