An entrepreneur on another level. Since he was 7 years old, Ivan has had a passion to help others. Not only does he own a business that generates wealth, but he is also able to give back to the world through his incredible company Equity and Help, Inc.

“We are here to recover the American Dream for many and make this a reality, but also to free investors from the speculative investment world and offer them the opportunity to receive fulfillment from their investments. Not just money. I invite you to become a PhilanthroInvestor™ and experience the fulfillment of Growing Your Capital While Helping Others™ while watching your cash flow and recurring income expand. Not only for you, but for future generations.”

“I’ve personally met Ivan and listened to his presentation one on one. His passion for what he does in helping recover the American Dream with his investment system is outstanding. This PhilanthroInvesting system is a must learn for any person wanting to Grow Their Capital While Helping Others™.”


Kevin Harrington, Founder as Seen on TV,
Original Shark on Shark Tank