Industry Secrets from Philanthroinvestor Ambassador Siloh Moses

Would you be interested in helping families while making a positive cash flow of 8-12%?

Here’s how.

In the 1940’s the average price to own a home in America was $3,000 ($30,000 in today’s dollars) and from the 1940s-1970s, as mortgage prices rose, so did wages (growing 90% in those days). Still, since the 1970s, average wages have risen just 12%, meaning that the cost of living has been rising faster than income for forty years. As a result, homeownership rates have decreased. Today, a majority of Americans will never own their own home. What was once the middle class is now the working poor – paying their bills on time, but barely making ends meet and sacrificing other needs such as medical care and better education for exorbitant rental prices. For nearly half of Americans (especially Texans), almost half of their income goes to rent. But there are others in the United States and other countries with the means to invest.

Many would like to see their investments make a difference while providing them with significant cash flow. With the Philanthroinvestor program, it’s possible. As a unique Philanthro-Investment program, we use industry secrets to allow investors to buy a large amount of properties hands-free in a way that also secures and protects investors’ assets.

Here’s how it works.

One: we select and research, and purchase best-foreclosed homes across the US.

Two: You buy a minimum of three homes for forty-five percent below aftermarket value for $150,000 and pay us $15 a month to manage these vacant properties.

Three: At our expense, we do the minimum necessary repairs and put the home on the market.

Four: We then find and qualify buyers who want to acquire these homes from you with owner financing for more than you paid for it. These families will improve the home themselves while paying tax and insurance and all maintenance costs.

Five: We manage the relationship with the family for you for an additional $45 per month, truly providing a passive investment experience to you, the investor.

Six: Families pay a $2,000 dollar down payment to you and you finance the balance with a 12% interest rate for an average of 20 years. This is how you as an investor receive an 8-12% return on investment.

Seven: You recover your investment in 5-6 years while still owning your asset. This asset will give you passive income, a reliable double digit return and you get to enjoy your life free of real estate headaches.

One of the many advantages of our system is that through the use of our industry secrets you have anonymity and a buffer between you as the investor and the home buyers. When you look at the statistics, the majority of Americans will never own their own home. FICO (a data analytics company based in San Jose, California that places a focus on credit scoring services) states that 50% of Americans have a credit score that disqualifies them for a traditional mortgage. The Social Security Administration states that 51% of Americans make less than $30,000 per year. Also, the Department of Numbers (a repository for real-time social, economic and financial data relevant to the broad public) states that the average U.S. rent is $1,050 per month ($12,600 a year.) This is how your investment will change communities all across the country by granting hard-working, blue collar families the opportunity to become homeowners. You help children. Children of homeowners who statistically perform better in school and have lower drug use and crime rates. You help communities. Homeowners invest more in their local community, volunteer more and report a greater sense of self control and worth. Are you looking to make a difference while also gaining reliable cash flow, financial freedom, retirement income, and something that you can leave to future generations? You can make a difference and you make money while doing it! We are currently looking for investors like you. Go to our website, open up an account today and call me directly.

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