Is Real Estate a Good Investment for Retirement?

Most Americans plan to retire by age 66, according to a recent Gallup poll. With the average life expectancy in the US, 76 years for a man and 81 years for a woman, you could potentially have a decade or more of life to enjoy after retirement! That’s why it’s important to make sure you have the appropriate funds set aside for retirement and have a strategy in place to ensure you keep generating additional income.

One of the best ways to accomplish both of these goals is to invest in real estate. We’ve previously discussed a few reasons why real estate is a great investment in general, but if you’re looking to fund your retirement and be sure you still have income coming in while you’re enjoying your golden years, you definitely want to make real estate part of your investment strategy. Here’s why:

Real Estate is a Good Investment in Most Markets

When you’re looking to invest for retirement, you want to be sure that your investments are good, solid performers. After all, you’ll likely need to lean on those funds at some point. You don’t want to lose your planned retirement savings on risky investments.

Unlike other types of investments which can lose their value entirely, the value of residential real estate investments never go to zero. After all, people still need a place to live no matter what’s going on in the market!

Real Estate Allows You to Be a Passive Investor

While we tend to think of real estate investing as a very active pursuit, requiring you to spend hours researching properties, writing offers, remodeling, and managing tenants, our program allows you to be a more passive real estate investor. Which is perfect for anyone who is looking to invest in real estate as a means to fund their eventual retirement!

Rather than spending your retirement flipping homes, you can just sit back and enjoy the monthly income that’s being generated off your investments. We take care of almost everything so you can make the most of the retirement you’ve worked so hard to earn without the headache of being a landlord!

Real Estate Allows You to Live Anywhere

If you dream of retiring to an island somewhere or plan to use your golden years to see the world, real estate is a great investment because you can manage it from anywhere. If you plan to work with a company like Equity & Help, you don’t need to be involved in the day-to-day operations and you don’t need to physically check in on your investment. All you need to do is enjoy the returns and make decisions about what your next investment will be.

Real Estate Offers Tax Benefits

While the specific tax benefits you can earn from real estate can and do change over time, generally speaking, real estate can offer you some key tax savings. While we recommend you talk with a financial advisor about the full scope of benefits that are available to you, knowing that you can reap additional financial rewards from your investments is yet another reason to consider real estate as a means to fund and sustain your retirement.

Real Estate Helps You Grow Your Capital

Another reason real estate is a good investment for retirement is that it helps you grow your existing capital – especially when you invest with a company like Equity & Help! Our investors typically earn 12%+ returns on their investments with us, which is above the industry average of 10.6%.

Our unique investment program is also structured so that you start earning a return right away! With traditional real estate investments, you might not see a return for several months or more depending on how much work you had to put into the property and how long it took you to find a tenant. But Equity & Help is different. Since we buy properties below market value, we’re able to pass those savings on to you. And because the family who lives in the home does all the work of updating it, equity is created in the property without a massive cash outlay on your part.

Real Estate Gives You Leverage

Finally, real estate offers leverage in the form of cash. With the money your generate off your investments, you’ll be able to go out and purchase more residential properties or further diversify your investment portfolio. The more investments you have earning money for you, the quicker you’ll be able to build your wealth. The more wealth you have to enjoy in retirement, the better!

Want to learn more about how our real estate investment program can not only fund your retirement, but ensure you keep building wealth year after year? Call (844) 552-8828 to talk with one of our team members about our program!

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