The Socially Conscious Investment Program
in Which Everybody Wins!

Benefits Overview for Investors:

For Working‐Class Americans: 

What we are doing is helping to solve some of society’s problems with entrepreneurial principles in a sustainable way that is profitable for all parties.

Here are two real-world case studies:

Mike & Lisa

Mike and Lisa are based on real customers. They have 2 kids and are avid “do it yourselfers”. They both do quite well financially but have student loans that do not disqualify them for a bank loan. Then they discovered our program, and that they could finance a fixer upper for just $2,000 and less than $350 per month and they signed and closed within a week.


Cody is also based on a real customer. He is entrepreneurial, a self-starter, and has experience in construction. Because he is self-employed, he had trouble securing a mortgage from his bank. He had given up on searching for a home until he saw our opportunity for a fixer-upper for just $2,000 down. Though the house needs repairs, he was more than capable of doing the work, and for a price way below market value.

Why Trust Us? Here’s Who We Are:

Equity & Help, Inc. by the numbers:

  1. Founded in 2014 in Florida
  2. A+ rating with the BBB
  3. Inc 500 Fastest Growing Companies
    (#128 in the nation, #3 in Florida in 2020)
  4. Ivan Anz, Founder listed in The Startup Weekly’s 2019 Founders to Watch award
  5. 25+ Employees
  6. 200+ Subcontractors
  7. Ethical, passionate, highly competent leadership team lead by Ivan Anz, Inc 500 2019’s Greatest Entrepreneurs

We have helped

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In 32 states and

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Total assets under management averages 13.05% Net Cap Rate

Average equity gain is 26.09%

More than 500 assets closed on behalf of our investors

Our investors demographic breaks down as follows:

United States
Latin America

The Investor Becomes the Bank and Wins


The investor becomes the bank for the family. All properties are held in individual land trusts for the investors’ asset protection. Equity and Help is the trustee and provides ALL services to give our investors a low-effort investment experience. Through our connections and expertise, we are helping investors achieve their financial goals while making a real difference in people’s lives.

Each investor owns all of their portfolio properties and we operate in the role of trustee to manage your portfolio(s). We have workable systems in place that coordinate investor trusts, IRA’s, 401K’s, LLC’s and other legal entities.

8 Solid Reasons Why You Should
Consider Getting Involved:


This unique PhilanthroInvestor program is a program for investors who want to help others while receiving double digit annual returns backed by real estate.


For families, it is an opportunity to own a home and stabilize their family unit.


The average return ranges between 8‐12% – and our 2022 average cap rate on portfolios was 13.05%


We have had cap rate results even higher and some lower due to the added time needed to get a family into the property (depending on many factors including location, current events, and weather).


Defaults or evictions are sometimes part of the property management landscape, but we have a relatively low default rate of 6.4 percent. Additionally, we have policies in place that protect the investor even in the event of a default. For example, within a year we will replace the homeowner for free – or after that period the investor can purchase Home Warranty Insurance for a guaranteed cost of replacement.


The minimum initial investment is three (3) properties at an investment of approximately $180,000 depending on the homes recommended by Equity and Help and chosen by the investor (a typical portfolio averages $320,000 with 5 properties and up to 15-20 properties total).


Additionally, the new homeowner carries the taxes and property insurance.


One more key benefit, is that the homes we select at this price point are much less likely to suffer loss of value when real estate markets drop. In fact, some “more affordable” homes actually increase in value under such conditions.

How Hard Is Your Money
Working for YOU?

Do you have money sitting around in your IRA, 401K, mutual funds, bonds or stocks that is NOT giving you a double digit return?

If the answer is yes, then this is an alternative investment vehicle to grow your capital safely while helping others. If you have a minimum of $180,000 in liquid cash or in saleable assets, you can become a PhilanthroInvestor – and help deserving families and children. Still secure, but now double digit.

Even if you are making more money than we are able to generate for you (8% to 12% in a safe and secure way backed by real assets), the question then is ‐ what is the volatility, risk and stress level for these investments? Can you afford to risk losing your capital?

And there is the important recurring question in many investor minds:

If all else were equal, would you become a more conscientious investor and invest your money where it is growing as well and serving a worthy cause?

We believe you would.

Many of our new investors wanted to invest in a more socially responsible manner, but were not aware of a good program through which to accomplish their goals. That is, until they discovered THE HOUSING PHILANTHROINVESTOR program.

With the HOUSING PHILANTHROINVESTOR program, you can...

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