Mental Health & Investing


“According to Time, one in five U.S. adults experiences a major depression every year (even before the added stresses and concerns this years’ global health crisis, racial unrest, and a disabled economy have brought on).” *

No one is immune to the extraneous forces that can take a toll on mental health- but depression and one’s outlook CAN be improved, even when huge factors like financial woes are the source.

Ivan Anz, the founder of Equity & Help, was affected profoundly by the strain of finances before he began building a very successful company (ranking #83 in the Inc 5000) that reflects his positive outlook and jovial entrepreneurial spirit.

“I realized my brain is not ‘me,’” he recalls. “I am a being, and I can control my mind and my body.”

To see how Ivan takes the reins to master his mind and to get tips on how to protect and ensure your mental health in trying times, click here.

*Quoted above is an article written by Cheryl Snapp Connor for entrepreneur.com.

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