Over $100k in distributions going out this week despite the effect of Coronavirus in Global and Domestic Markets.

MaketWatch, NYSE Ticker

Business is rolling along at Equity&Help! And continues our month-over-month growth. We’ve been preaching how our system weathers economic turmoil. And now WE ARE SEEING JUST HOW TRUE THAT IS!

The image above was grabbed from Market Watch’s NYSE ticker and show’s a pretty grim picture. We are the masters of our own fate, external fluctuations great or small having little change in our pace.

For our Real Estate PhilanthroInvestors, HQ/Office operations continue as normal.

For others, we continue year-over-year growth and hitting double-digit returns for our Real Estate PhilanthroInvestors while bringing home ownership and stability to families.

More than ever people want stability, to stay in their houses, prioritizing their rents and mortgages over getting that new car or going on that fancy vacation that they can barely afford.

My heart goes out to those affected in recent turmoil. And the all too many stories over these past few days of huge gains being lost in various markets – hard won and worked for gains.

All I Can Do Is Implore You To Invest In A System That Is Closer To Disaster Proof, And Will Not Turn At The Craziness Of Markets. This is apparent in no better time than now.

I do not know what will happen around the corner in various financial markets. But I do know that they go up, then they go down – the roller coaster will continue. But I also know, that everything is operating normally with steady growth here at Equity & Help. The system is proving itself out.

I wish you all well in your investments and endeavors! We look forward to continuing to serve you all the best we can!

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