Real Estate PhilanthroInvesting® – Building Up Families & Neighborhoods

Did you know that you can invest in properties while providing opportunities for families to become homeowners? As someone who likes to grow capital ethical and innovative ways, I can tell you it is possible!

Here are some additional details into this innovative, investment and philanthropic enterprise.

Philanthropic Investments

Property investments that are ethical and help others achieve homeownership is one way to actively invest with a twist on traditional philanthropy. At Equity & Help we embody this in the term PhilanthroInvestor®. With the current housing crisis and rising rates of homelessness, this is a perfect way to give back to your community while building your own investment portfolio.

Our Time & Expertise

The list of foreclosed properties from banks, real estate business, and vendors are in the thousands each month; however, we spend hours of due diligence and inspections to ensure we purchase diamonds in the rough from these lists. We then purchase the home and complete a basic setup to prepare the home for the market. Then you can invest in the available homes.

Ensuring that our financing vehicles are stable and low-risk, we then work with households who qualify through our vetting process and the ability to make further repairs to the home. The family lives in their own home for less than rent and can increase the standard of living for their family, neighborhood, and community.


Numbers and ROI

The results produced with us provide investors and deserving families throughout America more freedom and achievement of the American dream by facilitating homeownership, rather than simply investing in properties and charging high rent amounts.

  • Real Estate PhilanthroInvesting gains 8% to 12% cap rate – earning and helping never being so result-oriented for all the involved.
  • The investor gets the property at 40% to 60% under ARV (After Repair Value).
  • Families are building a better future forward – this is REAL PhilanthroInvesting®.
    We do all the hard work such as payment collection, agreements, and ensuring things run smoothly – how a Hassle-Free investment should be.

It’s making money like a bank while making a great difference in people’s lives and neighborhoods.

Are you ready to become a Real Estate PhilanthroInvestor?  Schedule a Discovery call today!

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