Q1 2022 Results: How we Keep Improving

Now that we already showed you how to achieve your lifelong dream with a clear example from one of our best investors, and how we got our dream results made real by a family in one of our homes, we think this time we can dive a little more into the numbers and show you more results by sharing our Tear Sheet from Q1 2022 with you.


Many things continued to improve over the course of this first quarter compared to the previous quarter:

  • The Avg. Equity Gain went up by a 4.1% while there’s a 2 million increase in assets recovered (Over 600k monthly).
  • Better After Repair Value while keeping the Avg. Investor price around the 50k figure.
  • We increased our presence in the American community by adding 1 more state, 3 more counties and 9 cities, which means more diversification for your portfolio.
  • We got 50+ homes recovered, meaning that there are more families and communities getting back on their feet.
  • Our Net Income Running Total went up by around 180k
  • Our best seller states remain the same, with Illinois, Ohio and Indiana respectively.
  • The Monthly Payment from families remains lower than rent, and just went up by $3.9 in the average, proving the viability of our program.
  • There’s still more than 75% of families current with their payments!
  • Some families moved from being under 90 days due to the +90 days due portion, lowering this number by 1.41%
  • And there’s a 2.94% increase in our families 90+ days behind their payments.
  • All things considered, our Avg. Cap Rate went down by merely 1.19%

It’s important to note that by having the Avg. Monthly Payment around the same number amidst all these changes, our model keeps being attractive for the families that are looking for homes, ensuring our investors monthly income.

Considering that every investment has it’s setbacks, ours were minor in comparison to all the other great things we achieved, and more importantly, these didn’t drastically affected our results but the opposite: Many stats kept improving and we still have 9 months to revert and increase the returns, while our investors keep making double digit returns (between 8 to 12%) with both the executives and the team at Equity & Help committed to delivering an even higher return compared to previous years.

All of this while helping families recover the American Dream of homeownership.

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