Q1 2023 Results: For The Families!

2023 is off to a great start! We have acquired almost as many houses by May 2023 than we did all of last year. Things are certainly looking up and with many new PIs joining the team we are expanding our reach to even more wonderful deserving families! Let’s take a look at how we’ve performed in the beginning of 2023.

-Average equity gain = 23.85%

-Average Cap Rate = 11.34%

-Average Investor Price = $50,515

-Average ARV = $79,253

-We have recovered over $3 million in assets already!

-We have gained 4 more counties and 9 more cities


Focusing on the families:

-Delinquent families over 90 days has decreased by .5%

-Delinquent families under 90 days has decreased by 4.6%

-With 5.1% more families current on payments (78.6% total)!

-The average monthly payment now sits at $574.82 ($10.71 less than last quarter!)


The general improvements of this quarter focuses on the families directly as they are current on payments, paying less per month and getting closer to the goal of financial freedom. Each PhilanthroInvestor™ hopes these dreams become reality for these families and this quarter proves that what we do is changing lives everywhere. Our consistent regional gains are also proof of expansion and the influence we have on the world around us. We are looking forward to Q2 and continuing this goal of helping families while also building your capital.

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