Q2 2023 Results: Stronger Than Ever

As 2023 continues to present its challenges, we have consistently stayed on top! We have exceeded the results of last quarter while maintaining our goal of helping families own their home. Let’s take a look into our performance for Quarter 2.

-The average equity gain is over 19% right now. 

-The average cap rate has increased over 1% since last quarter.

-We have recovered over $66 million in assets.

-We have gained one more state to help deserving families own their home.

-The average investor price has decreased by $6,691 while the average ARV has increased by $56.


Focusing on the families:

-Families on average are paying $545.33 a month. That’s $29.49 less than last quarter allowing them to save even more.

-Over 70% of our families are current with their monthly payments. That’s one month closer to home ownership every time.


We are increasing our momentum coming out of last quarter to bring even better results for our PhilanthroInvestors and community at large. Every time you see these great results, know that more families are given the keys to financial freedom that will better communities for generations to come. We look forward to sharpening our skills as 2023 throws every challenge at us. We are confident our investment model stands the test of time. As the economy shifts, we remain strong.

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