Q3 2023 Results: Rounding The Corner!

As we round the corner for 2023, our mission to provide financial freedom to deserving families continues to accelerate. No pushback of economic struggle or high federal interest rates will keep us from accomplishing this mission. It is with the help of our amazing PhilanthroInvestors™ that we can provide this freedom to families all around the country!

Here’s what Q3 brought us this year:

-The average equity gain increased 2.75% from last quarter!

-The average cap rate is at 11.93%

-We’ve recovered over $2 million in assets since Q2!

-Since Q3 of last year, the average investor price has increased $2,097. This still led to the average after repair value increasing by $4,505!


Now let’s talk about the families!

-The amount of families current on their monthly payments is at 66.11%. This may have reduced a few points, but the amount of families over 90 days late has been reduced to 8.3%! This is through our amazing EasyHomes team providing real guidance and understanding through difficult times. 

-Since Q3 of last year, the average monthly payment has only increased by $4.70! No matter what happens around us, we will always ensure a better life for these hard-working families. 


As you can see, we are making an impact on families all around the country. With our eyes on the prize, we will put 10,000 families in homes. Won’t you join us? 

Check out our property map here! See the difference we’re making one home at a time.

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