Q4 2022 Results: Ending The Year Strong!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season and started the new year strong. We know we have! Let’s jump right into Quarter 4’s performance!  

It’s apparent when comparing Q3 to Q4 that we are continuing to outperform ourselves. Especially considering these great returns for our PhilanthroInvestors and the constant change created for these wonderful families. Let’s take a deeper look into how we’ve climbed up once again!    

– The average equity gain increased by .08% 

– We have recovered over $6mm in assets this quarter! 

– Although we have investments in one less state, we now work within 10 more counties and 11 more cities!  

– With market shifts we have seen the average investor price go up slightly, but the average ARV increased by $3,523 this quarter!  


Focusing on the families: 

– Delinquent owners over and under 90 days have both decreased thus leaving families that are current on payments at 73.5% 

– The average monthly payment for these families has decreased again to $585.53! 


Everyday we get closer to our ultimate goal: 10,000 families helped! We look forward to the rest of 2023 and continuing to experience the growth of our company. All while helping build our PhilanthroInvestor’s portfolios and aiding these families in obtaining financial freedom. 

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