Real Estate Why It’s a Better Investment Option

People invest for a lot of reasons. It may be for retirement, saving up for their children’s college fund, residual income, or capital growth. Whatever the reasons may be, you need to have a clear horizon in mind and a strategy that will fit your budget and purpose.

When we talk about investment, many would think of the stock market first. While investing in the market is definitely an option, there might be another investment vehicle that could be more effective.

Real Estate investment offers an alternative way to grow your money and under the right conditions, it may be low risk, may give you better returns in the long run, and is a terrific hedge against inflation.


Benefits of Real Estate Investing



Ever since we were kids, we already had an idea how important having a house is. Over the course of our lives, we then get introduced to the concept of rent and how it could give a steady income stream for a long time.


Nothing is more psychologically satisfying (and gratifying) than passing by a plot of land or building and saying: “that’s mine”. While stocks give you ownership of a company, real estate investments are more appealing since you can see and touch it.

Less Prone to Fraud

It’s less likely you’d be a victim of fraud in real estate. Since it’s tangible, you can see the property for yourself, and you can do your due diligence. In stocks, you have to do tons of research and even then, some concepts may not still be familiar. In the end, you’d have to rely on the suggestions of your account managers (which, let’s face it, gives you less control).


A Real Estate Philanthroinvestor®


How does making money while helping others sound? Pretty cool, I bet.

This may be a strange new concept to you but Equity & Help has been having success with this wonderful safe system with investors for quite some time.

Equity & Help’s mission is centered on:

1) Creating an avenue for real estate investors to take advantage of a gap in the market and,

2) Be socially responsible by offering an alternative housing option for families who are not qualified for a bank loan.



Basically, what we do is a win-win solution for all parties involved. Through a unique structure of ownership, Equity & Help invites investors to purchase houses from us. These properties are sold for a discount since the company bought it at wholesale price from the banks.

The company then offers to sell these houses to families who can’t qualify for a bank loan but are financially capable of owning a house. In this case, it’s still a win since the monthly payment for this purchase is still less than the typical rent for a similar house.

You as a Real Estate Philanthroinvestor earn at 8%-12% during this process while retaining ownership of your house. The family who is buying the property makes their monthly payment without breaking their bank account and keeps the possibility of owning a house. The company also earns by making sure the investor gets paid and the family keeps on paying.

Our investors are creating wealth, risk-free, while helping deserving families across America and bettering communities.


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