Spotlight on Cash-on-Cash Returns

At Equity & Help, we recognize the power of capital to catalyze change. Cash-on-Cash (CoC) Return serves as a vital tool for evaluating the financial performance and social impact of our investments. Here’s how we integrate CoC Returns with our ethos of philanthropic investing: 

How do you calculate cash-on-cash return?
A relatively simple calculation, an investor can find out their cash-on-cash return by taking the pre-tax cash flow (determined using the income and expense calculations for a property) and dividing that figure by the total amount of cash invested. The resulting figure is the cash-on-cash return. Essentially it’s the income of one year divided by the amount of the total investment! 

Market Trends in PhilanthroInvesting: 

  • Rise of Purpose-Driven Capital: Investors are increasingly seeking opportunities to align their financial objectives with their values. PhilanthroInvesting is gaining momentum as individuals and institutions prioritize social impact alongside financial returns. 
  • Innovation in Impact Measurement: Advancements in impact measurement and reporting enable PhilanthroInvestors to quantify and communicate the social outcomes of their investments. Transparent reporting fosters accountability and trust among stakeholders. 

Cash-on-cash return serves as a tool for measuring financial performance and social impact in philanthropic investing. PhilanthroInvestors play a pivotal role in advancing the transition toward a more equitable and sustainable global economy while seeing great CoC returns. Together, let’s harness the power of capital for positive change and let your investments be a force for empowerment! 

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