Tom Adams, Jr.
Real Estate Investor

“Hi, my name is Tom Adams. I am a recent investor with Equity & Help. I’ve spent 35 years of my career in Information Technology, and I recently got into real estate investing. I decided to move some of my corporate 401K into a self-directed IRA, and that process was shepherded by my contact at Equity & Help. They helped with anything I needed to do along the way, so it was very simple for me. 

I purchased three homes just three months ago, and two of them has been already sold and started to perform. The last one is getting close to selling, and all along the way they have been fantastic to work with. They are very informative, they answer any questions that I have, and they have been very proactive in reaching out and making sure that I am comfortable and understand what happens in the process. I highly recommend them. In fact, I am thinking about moving more of my funds to invest with them. I hope you do the same.”

Ivan Briones
Great FX, LTD

“I have been an E&H investor since March 2016. I invested in this company, mainly due to the quality of its people. The organization is full with people you can trust. The evolution of this company is remarkable, especially in the last six months. The home sale/turnover speeds experienced are on another level. Now I feel that I can really recommend for anybody to invest in E&H. My first investment was a bet on great people, today its a great investment on a great company with trusted people.”

Kevin Dickson
Real Estate Investor

“I’ve been a property investor for 29 years. I’ve invested in rent to buy, fix and flip, and to take advantage of the capital growth market. For the last six years I’ve lent money to low-doc investors. I’ve decided this was not for me. Too much hassle, too little return. I was introduced to Equity & Help, detailed on the way they operate and structure things, and decided to invest. Every single step of the process is done in house with experts. I used to do that myself. My time is not taken up with inspections, dealing with banks, dealing with real estate agents. All the work I used to do myself, they now do for me. Happy Investing!”

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I did a lot of research, and Equity&Help was by far the most stable… it’s solid and secure.

Art Neumann
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Across the boards, it just works for everybody. Nobody loses.

Kim Belotte
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I'm very happy with what I'm contributing to raising the level of our society. More and more people will be house owners.

Cathy Neumann

Brett Leavitt
Intentional Solutions, LLC

“I’m a full time Real Estate Investor that lives in San Diego, CA and mainly invest in single family homes. When I first discovered Equity & Help I was a little resistant to the turn-key approach. That was until I looked closer and got to know the vision of the people involved and the level of each of their experience and backgrounds. I was also very impressed with their past clients portfolios returns, something that, to be honest, looked too good to be true. 

After doing due diligence on the people, product, and their very unique process, my wife and I decided secured by real estate we would go all in. It has been the best decision yet and we are set to nearly triple our returns, compared to what we were getting doing typical flip or rental strategies. In just 3 months time, over a quarter of our properties are performing and they just sold another one yesterday. 

We now have our most valuable currency back, time with each other. We plan to continue to reinvest until we hit our goal of 100 homes, and the status of Civilization Supporter. Thank you so much to everyone at Equity and Help, as your dedication, support and commitment to change so many lives does not go unnoticed.”


"I didn't think it was possible to own a home right now... I want to thank you so much! Now that I am a homeowner, I'm inspired by the process. I'm interested in getting a real estate license myself!"

The Metcalf couple

"This house will be as cute as a button after we make repairs... We're so happy to have this be our home"

Martin Harris

"We had lost our home a few years ago and didn't think we would ever have a home again... Thank you so much for giving us hope! We're already mowing the lawn in anticipation of the close!"

The Hogue couple
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Chris Beard
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Bryan Earhart
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Harry and Dietra Williams