The Freedom You Desire

According to research in a study by economists from the University of Amsterdam, early retirement can actually lengthen your life- allowing you to achieve the freedom you desire.

The research concluded that men who retired around the age of 54 were 42% less likely to die over the subsequent 5 years compared to those that didn’t- in a separate study done in the US, 7 years of retirement can be as good for you health as it reduces the chance of developing heart conditions by 20%.

The study above derives from Boeing Aerospace. Further, the article delves deeper into the issue of reliance on pensions from working long-term in conjunction with the age of retirement. The problems lie when one accepts their pensions late to avoid incurring penalties… Working solely to avoid penalty proves to be a detriment to their health, especially when in a stressful work environment. This also leaves minimal place for enjoyment during their retirement as concluded by the research above from the University of Amsterdam.

While work does stimulate cognitive ability (keeps you sharp later on in life), it also is a stressor of the body. What is the fine line between work and not? And what exactly is the freedom you desire? Getting to the financial place you’d like to be in requires planning, research and due diligence… If properly executed, the benefits of financial freedom are yours to enjoy.

During the planning stages of your retirement goals, being aware of the market is just as an important step of the research process as making sure your retirement goals are crystal clear. Maintaining the cash-flow mindset will help you decide which investments will get you to your goal.

So what are the rewards you reap? 

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