The Next Big Thing

Equity & Help is gaining traction in the real estate investment world.

Our unique investment strategy not only sets us apart by performance (more stats on that to come!) but by our program itself: Philanthroinvesting.

A recently published article describes our program perfectly, as explained by one of our own Philanthroivestor Ambassadors, Siloh Moses.

In summation, Siloh says: “We’re taking the best of two worlds, philanthropy and real estate investing, and bringing them together… So, the investor who would be a perfect fit for this program is someone who believes in philanthropy and believes in building communities and giving families a hand up.”

As stated in the article, homeownership, for many American families, seems like an impossibility.
Equity & Help has a unique solution that benefits both investors and hardworking families, like Siloh’s example of a single father in the article.

To learn more about what Siloh explained and to view the whole article, click here.

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