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The Inspiring Story of Frank the Fireman Who Did Not Qualify to Buy a Home — And About the Investor Who Helped Him and Who Is Now Earning Secure Monthly Returns!

By Ivan Anz – 3-minute read

Frank needed help to find a new home and our investors came to the rescue…

Frank is exactly the kind of person our investor system is designed to help. He is based on a real Equity & Help homebuyer, Equity & Help is a unique opportunity that gives people with means the chance to invest securely while helping others.

Frank is the ideal customer for our investors because…

We helped him purchase his new home for just $2,000 down. Even though the home needs work, Frank is more than capable and has already improved the home significantly.


A “PhilanthroInvestor” is one who invests to promote human welfare while earning a financial return. 

But we are selective as to who we help, as we must also take care of our investors, so we have a strict selection process.  

As a result, we have an average default rate of only 6.4% (and we have policies in place that protect the investor even if there is ever a default!).

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What’s in it For YOU?

First, you get a real chance to help your fellows – for many that is enough.

But, our program goes far beyond that, by rewarding investors with safe, solid returns of 8% to 12% annually.

Here is what Tom Adams, one of our investors has to say:

I am a recent investor with Equity & Help. I’ve spent 35 years of my career in Information Technology, and I recently got into real estate investing. I decided to move some of my corporate 401K into a self-directed IRA, and that process was shepherded by my contact at Equity & Help.

I purchased three homes just three months ago, and two of them have been already sold and started to perform. The last one is getting close to selling, and all along the way they have been fantastic to work with. They are very informative, they answer any questions that I have, and they have been very proactive in reaching out and making sure that I am comfortable and understand what happens in the process. I highly recommend them. In fact, I am thinking about moving more of my funds to invest with them.”

We have more success stories to share with you.

In Brief, Here’s How it Works:

Through our connections and expertise, we acquire bank owned properties at far below market value and sell them to our investors at a small mark-up which enables us to recover our capital and rapidly acquire new properties. The investor may do whatever he or she wishes with these properties.

Most investors opt for our unique low-maintenance program to generate 12% Return on Investment – or more – backed by high-equity real estate.

We re-market the properties to families to fix up, live in and improve the homes on a Contract for Deed or Land Contract. The investor therefore sells the home at a higher price than what they paid.

The investor receives about 5% down and monthly payments over a period of 20 years with 12% annual interest. They become what we call “Family Supporter Investors,” which has many benefits.

Plus, they enjoy immediate returns as soon as a home is sold.

The family purchasing the home still buys for less than the “fixed up” price and through their own efforts can increase their own equity. They win as does the investor.

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