The Power Of Giving

There is nothing quite like a good before and after when it comes to converting a house into a home, and we recently had the pleasure of seeing this firsthand at one of our PhilanthroInvestor-assisted homes!

The house was in need of some major TLC. The walls were scratched and soiled, the flooring was damaged and in need of repair, and the furnace and air conditioner needed to be thoroughly cleaned. Fortunately, the families we work with possessed the skills needed to deal with these problems head-on. 

They restored order to the floors as their first action. To make the floors seem brand-new, a lot of sanding, staining, and polishing was required. The walls were then given a much-needed makeover by being painted. They then started working on the heater and air conditioner to make sure they were functioning properly. To ensure their house was well-protected, the family also decided to install a CCTV system. 

The outcome of all this effort was a stunning house that appeared to have undergone a thorough renovation. The family handled the cost of the repairs responsibly as well. 

They were able to maintain their standard of living while also making sure they had enough money to pay for the repairs. These dependable families put in a lot of effort, and as a result, our PhilanthroInvestors (PIs) are now able to enjoy the fruits of their labor. 

Now, PIs may expect returns of 8–12% on their money. Being able to experience something like this personally is wonderful, a true testament to the power of giving.

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