The Ultimate Gift

With the year coming to an end, we at E&H want to say thank you! Thank you to our PhilanthroInvestors that make this all possible: with your confidence in investing with us, to help over 500 families own their home and build up these communities. Your trust and philanthropic nature is what allows us to do what we do: Grow Your Capital While Helping Others™. 

To our Ambassadors: thank you for your dedication to finding us these generous philanthropists and building valuable relationships for these communities. Your work hasn’t gone unnoticed and we hope to continue our relationship into the new year. For those who aren’t currently Ambassadors, now is the perfect time to join our team! With many benefits like passive income, building a supportive network and opportunities like the Ambassador’s Game (which ends on New Years Eve!) we have seen many individuals better their portfolio and gain a wonderful way to increase their monthly income while helping families. We are always free to chat about the program to anyone that wishes to learn more!           

These PIs and Ambassadors both share their investments, time and energy to help those around them. A perfect example of what the holidays are all about: Giving. We hope to continue giving you our best service and support possible into the next year and to better the world around us one family at a time. 

We hope you have a wonderful rest of the holidays and are surrounded by those you love and are able to reflect on the amazing year we’ve had. 


From all of us at Equity & Help, 

Happy Holidays! 

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