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At the beginning of July we discussed the topic that began to appear in our presentations in the form of comments or questions. This topic reflects the fear of many prospects about becoming a PhilanthroInvestor (PI): Recession. And this is why we decided to deepen the topic by analyzing all the benefits and mathematics involved in the process of our company, through classes taught by our VP of Sales: Berger Corvaia.


The intention was to produce a series of informative bulletins that explain, point by point and in detail, all the pros and cons of each topic: Concept, comparisons, graphics, etc. And what we ended up with was plenty of material, because the weekly results after each class were an analysis of up to five and six pages that we were forced to summarize, so as not to overwhelm our readers with such long readings.


So you can imagine how much information we had to synthesize and extract from our newsroom to keep the reading light, and we figured out a way to get away with it so that we could present you with longer and more complete articles in the future: We redesigned our newsletter!


From now on you have easy access to our important links in the header, followed by our featured publication of the week and a little further down, other articles of interest that we will feed each week and with this, the decision is in your hands to choose the topic that interests you the most, but for now we prefer to allow you to review them if you did not have the opportunity on their publication date, or if this is the first newsletter you have received from us.


Part of the intention is to open the space for other departments that make up Equity & Help to share with you success stories, useful tips and tricks, information to consider when investing or simply news. The sky’s the limit! And you can also suggest the topics that you think deserve a publication or series dedicated to them, by writing to us at pic@equityandhelp.com


Finally, you will find the usual video that summarizes our system in case you want to share it with people you know have the potential to invest to help families recover the American dream of owning a home, while receiving a great return. And then an infographic that simplifies the requirements to become a PI:



And if this is your first interaction with us, let us dig a little deeper before we wrap up this guided tour of our new newsletter:


How is the process?


  1. Equity & Help researches, selects and buys homes for sale in the United States.
  2. The company returns the houses in a condition suitable for sale.
  3. The PI reviews available homes and purchases a minimum package of 3 homes for approximately $150,000. The PI buys them at a lower value than the refurbished ones. The PI becomes the CEO of his US home portfolio.
  4. Equity & Help rates working class families desiring to own a home. Qualifiers become residents of their properties.
  5. The PI receives an initial payment of USD $1,000/$2,000 from each family.
  6. The PI finances the balance at an interest rate of 12% per year for 20 years.
  7. Families pay their property taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.
  8. Equity & Help connects with the residents of the home on a regular basis and maintains a relationship with each family as they establish their home.
  9. The PI obtains a monthly report on the increasing value of their investment.
  10. Equity & Help charges nominal fees throughout the process. The PI decides how to grow their business by helping families own their own homes.


Once our process is clear and you have seen that you have the potential to become a PhilanthroInvestor, click the big red button below!

See you next week!

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